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As a woman who sang bass in choir, who was so flat chested she got teased in swim class, and whose voice changed when she hit puberty (oh fun), I claim Caster Semenya as my peeps and say the ass hats demanding a gender test before they award her the gold medal should go stuff their ideas of gender into the tiniest orifice in their bodies they can find. Preferably one that will cause a painful infection later.

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A weird question for my flist:

when you were a kid, did you have a recurring nightmare? if so, what was it?

I had one that was the usual monster-somewhere-in-the-house-coming-to-get-me, but whenever I had a fever and was delirious I had another that was very hard to quantify. It came in various forms but the theme was the same. there was some gigantic piece of machinery, ponderously heavy, made of wooden cogs and levers and chains, and if I touched the wheel the machine would creak into motion and I knew I was destined to be chained to it forever keeping it moving. Or a giant pyramid of stone was suspended above me and I was holding it up but knew it would crush me eventually.

Something about responsibility, or adulthood, but there was also a sense of my insignificance in the giant scheme of things.

What about you, oh my flist?

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so I come home today brooding with the kind of generalized ennui that can only be achieved by riding the bike car on CalTrain for an hour, the car with the older, disturbed fella chanting, "End of the line! End of the line!" every couple of minutes while people crowd against and on top of each other in irritation, and I'm hoping somehow the organic tomato vegan quiche I purchased at the local co-op will dispel my vague discontent, when I log on to discover someone--an anonymous-type someone--has gifted me with a baby polar bear of More Joy, hoping it will gladden my heart.

and it does, is the thing, along with the lovely rubber ducky [ profile] dragonflymuse gave me.

so, thanks, guys. I'm gonna go eat my quiche. and maybe write myself a nice, cozy PWP with Fraser on the bottom (who loves ya, baby?) to give my ya-yas a little work out.
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    2 0 0 9.

    here's hoping there's new peace.

    here's hoping there are advances in human understanding, both scientific and societal.

    here's hoping all our reaching out hands find each other. we all have something to offer, some purpose we tell ourselves we simply cannot fulfill. but I know we can.

    I've seen it right here in these communities I so cherish.

    so, thanks. and my best hopes for 2009.

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"Honey? Honey, there's a Wookie in the kitchen."

go here, now:

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hey guys:

I'm back from lovely Toronto, land of the loonie. Discovered my life had sort of fallen apart in my absence, but I'm finally getting a handle on it.

In that spirit, I'm starting a new meme:

DO meme
Pick *one thing* that drives you nuts EVERY SINGLE DAY, and fix it. (tell us what and how)

For me, that one thing is my shoelaces. They are constantly coming untied and getting stuck in my pedals. So, I am swapping them out today for cotton ones that aren't all slippery and always losing their knots.

In other news, at the con, during [ profile] secretlybronte's writing party, I started working on the long-promised sequel to A Small Mercy (the one where Victoria goes NUTS on Fraser's ass) and it is now COMPLETE and in beta with the lovely and talented [ profile] nos4a2no9. Warning: it takes a *long time* to fix boys when you break them badly, so be prepared for 39 pages and 15K wds of mostly fucked up smut and angst. Coming your way in the near future.

It's all Nos' fault.

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The first thing I learned about Canada: on Canadian airplanes, the screaming babies do it in French! it's so adorable the way they split your eardrums in an ENTIRELY FOREIGN LANGUAGE!

next thing I discovered was that I was already at least 24% more polite getting off the plane than getting on it, I think out of pure self-defense.

first person I met at the con: [ profile] ifreet, who totally rocks and is funny as hell and kindly ignored my complete discombobulation because--hello, redeye+screaming french baby= -(1 hour) of plane sleep. together we hooked up with [ profile] primroseburrows, went up to say hi to [ profile] andeincascade, and then woke up [ profile] ignazwisdom so she could look at us all bleary and sweet and disappointed because WE SUCK, it was only like 10am after HCL-fu.

on our way to check out RCW for the schwag, we ran into Nos and SB and tortured them with inane chatter because *that*, my friends, is the true purpose of this con, imho.

and then primroseburrows ditched us because NO LOVE.

ETA: ten minutes ago: Bright sunny day. right now: HAIL. I kid you not. Oh, *Toronto*.

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my birthday round up report is on hold because I'm still hip deep in the nightmare landscape of music CD wrangling. but I am grateful to all of you, my friends online, who made up for the lack of any particular festiveness on the day in question. I have to garnish? gather? heap praise on the kind people who made me such lovely presents, and will do so tomorrow. hopefully. but right now my life is fubared beyond belief.

ahem. What I Have Learned In the Past Month

(I already knew this.)

if you want something done right, you have to kick everyone in the head and then run away and do it yourself. I have finally done so.

Today I fucking re-mastered the album myself. )

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I am bored because work requires me to herd cats (engineers) today and I am waiting for check-ins.

here is a meme I spiffed from [ profile] spuffyduds:

* Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.

* See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." If they have, you need to add another!(2.b., 2.c., etc...)

* Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life

I have:
1. Gone skydiving (I can't be alone on my flist?)
ETA: [ profile] utterfrivolity has also jumped, so we add:
1b. When my cat died, I kept her in the crisper. (the vegetable drawer in my fridge. hey, it was a Sunday, and my vet office was closed.)
2. Klutzed right into Greg Louganis (wham!) when he was wearing 5 gold medals on his chest (1984 Summer Olympics, on his way to press conference.)
3. Attacked my own muggers and retrieved my stolen wallet.

In other news, I am finally making progress on my Jim-as-Vigilante/Whore fic. Wee!

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so after much ridiculous labor over the past three months, my duo's finally finished mixing the album we recorded a while back.

eee! we're out of the studio! now on to mastering and then finalizing artwork and crap, it's not really done yet, but we're a damned sight closer.

so now you know why I've been a little disappeared lately. :)

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Gah! You people are in fail! Still, [ profile] bluebrocade and [ profile] dodificus each got one answer right, so to you I will award the crown of not-so-lame. Please tell me fandom, pairing, rating, and any other prompts or kinks or whatever you would like and I'll see what I can do.

The Truth About the 8 Truths and 2 Lies Arrow Told You )

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Suggested by [ profile] nos4a2no9, here are:

8 Truths and 2 Lies About Arrow00

Guess which are the lies and which are true and the first two who do win a story (if they want it) in either of my fandoms. I write in due South and Sentinel.

  1. Arrow went to an all-girls' school where in her first week she got into an altercation with Heidi Glickbarg, who called her "a carpenter's dream".
  2. Arrow's older brother once glued her eyelid shut.
  3. Arrow writes poetry.
  4. Arrow is afraid of horses.
  5. Arrow doesn't own a dress.
  6. Arrow wore black to her brother's wedding.
  7. Arrow has a medical condition that causes her left hand to tingle and sometimes itch uncontrollably.
  8. Arrow went sky-diving to get over her fear of heights.
  9. Arrow won second place at a Kodenkan Jiu-jitsu Rondori tournament.
  10. Arrow plays the flute.
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So, I'm watching the fresh new episode of Numb3rs (a happy end to the writers' strike, yay!) and it occurs to me that the foley editors have changed the way it sounds when people get shot.

It used to be bang oof down goes the baddie. Now it's bang whomp-SPLAT. You can literally hear what the foley is portraying as a bullet's impact with a person's body. This muffled whump and a trailing goosh.

Creepy. onward... )

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Ray, I think, would have been useful on my trip home--it took me almost an hour to get my (single) bag checked and through airport security. I wanted to kick them in the head.

I do have a certain swarthy look about me, of course. They should fear me.

My BP Run-down )

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You ever have one of those writing moments when you reach the point in the story and all of a sudden you're on a high-wire and the ground is like a gazillion feet below you and your stomach is all heavy because you just know you're gonna slip and fall and splash your intestines all over the sawdust?

And the crowd will go: "Ewwwww."

There oughta be a mood icon for that.

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Aii! First of all, the power is out for about a twenty block radius. I had to call a friend to borrow a cup of her dial-up connection.

Yes. You heard me right: I'm on DIAL-UP. GAH! PTOOEY! This is a freakin' nightmare. And don't talk to me about how spoiled I am because LA LA LA I have been there, baby. I had a 1200 baud modem in 1991 when I got my first email address, and I eagerly bought every other modemspeed in between, bravely downloading usenet newsgroup porn one sticky byte at a time, so I have paid my geekly dues, and this? This still sucks.
Herm. I only have 1:57 mins remaining on my laptop battery. Unfortunate, when you are painfully verbose as am I. If this goes on I might have to write pr0n by applying PEN to PAPER, a chill-inducing concept, I must say. (You haven't seen my handwriting.)

However, as if to cheer me, all prophetical-like, someone fabulous has anonymously gifted me with a fantastic piece of F/K pr0n starring Ray and Fraser just like I love 'em.

Cookies and milk and hotsweet pr0n. How did whoever-it-is know that was how I planned to spend V-day?
::smooches her generous benefactor:: I don't know who she is, but she is some talented. That piece hits a lot of hot hot spots for me.

Finally, a big shout-out of familial agony to my sister in Hellenic misery--you know who you are. Remember, you and I have the same strength, the same fortitude, the same sheer, ball-bewilderingly stupid stubbornness that drove them up the mountain and drives us so insane when they do the nutty things they do. So, such nutterhood is in our future as well. It is our legacy.

Encouraging, ain't it?

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I am having the wackiest, transcendental writing experience right now, so I just had to take a breather or get bursted into flames or my fingers might break off or something. I swear to God writing can be such the sweet, sweet crack sometimes, so good I'd rather do it than do my boyfriend (sick, I know. sick.)

And then sometimes it can suck ass like a Hoover mega ultra-vac. One of those big, green ones with the spinning hurricane in the middle so you can see the suckage in action.

But, right now? The crack pipe. Why did I get this? Four years ago I had no idea I could even do this—what was I smoking then?

How come I was thirty-six fucking years old before I figured out I can do this THING, this amazingly big THING that changes everything in the world of my head?

And the most beautiful part? Even when it sucks, it's good. And unless I am horribly mutilated in a freak bowling accident, no one can ever take this away from me. Well, the muse can go away, it's true. The desire to write can just phwooot! like the wind. But it has always come back so far, and I'm starting to trust it always will.

Anyway, all of the above is by way of apology that I haven't had a chance to respond to all the lovely comments I got on Oblivious (you people are just so goddamned generous I wanta bust into tears or something) and I am truly sorry and will do so tomorrow, but right now I'm wacky on the pipe.


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A Scene In the Life

::waves hands frantically:: --> TMI warning.

[The scene: sitting on a bench outside Peet's Coffee. My friend Marilyn (with whom I tend to have very frank and raunchy conversations) is drinking decaf. I'm trying the sugar-free mocha (It's quite good btw.)]

Me: " last boy, though, I have to say wasn't very good with the cunnilingus. [pause] I mean it's not like I'm difficult or anything--"

A very cute guy comes around the corner just then. Marilyn and I hold our breath. Guy stops at the door and turns.

Guy: "Everyone likes to think that." He grins and goes into Peets.

[Beat of silence, then Marilyn and I crack the hell up. I mean we're howling.]

Marilyn: "Sometimes I just fucking love this town."

[The guy, btw, was gay. And I'm thinking--thank God, because a straight boy might have been too embarrassed to come up with such a great line.]

We sit and keep drinking. The Guy eventually comes out of Peet's with his coffee and leans near me when he passes.

Guy: "I'm sure you're very easy, honey."


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Eee! [ profile] nos4a2no9 has gone and done recorded Edge of Snow as a fantastic podfic.

Her voice is perfect for reading Fraser 1st person, and for that I am so grateful, because Fraser is a tough nut to crack and it's not an easy story. Be sure to visit her LJ and give her fb because we just don't have enough people willing to record podfics. It's a long and difficult labor.

On another topic, I got an email from a writer friend of mine asking me how I got the idea to have Fraser make a pillow fort and what is it with making POV and themes work and stuff, which got me to thinking about writing, so I am offering some notes on my writing process, not that I really have a formal one or even know what the heck I'm doing.

But I'm hoping some kind writer will read it and tell me how she does it. Please to spread the meme?

Writing Blather Meme )

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TESTING. TESTING. this is a test of my brand new voice recognition software.

i spent the day teaching this software how i talk. i read it stories until my throat was sore but apparently i didn't do such good job.

still, there is something amazing about watching words appear on the screen as i'm speaking. even if it makes mistakes that make me sound like i speak english as a second language. maybe i can hand right my stories and use this for dictation. ooh, look out, a homonym.

health update: my hand is somewhat better today in that it no longer feels like a block of cement.

it now feels like a block of throbbing cement.

P.S. could someone please write me some nice corn? make that pornography. (apparently, this software still has some learning to do.)

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