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Aii! First of all, the power is out for about a twenty block radius. I had to call a friend to borrow a cup of her dial-up connection.

Yes. You heard me right: I'm on DIAL-UP. GAH! PTOOEY! This is a freakin' nightmare. And don't talk to me about how spoiled I am because LA LA LA I have been there, baby. I had a 1200 baud modem in 1991 when I got my first email address, and I eagerly bought every other modemspeed in between, bravely downloading usenet newsgroup porn one sticky byte at a time, so I have paid my geekly dues, and this? This still sucks.
Herm. I only have 1:57 mins remaining on my laptop battery. Unfortunate, when you are painfully verbose as am I. If this goes on I might have to write pr0n by applying PEN to PAPER, a chill-inducing concept, I must say. (You haven't seen my handwriting.)

However, as if to cheer me, all prophetical-like, someone fabulous has anonymously gifted me with a fantastic piece of F/K pr0n starring Ray and Fraser just like I love 'em.

Cookies and milk and hotsweet pr0n. How did whoever-it-is know that was how I planned to spend V-day?
::smooches her generous benefactor:: I don't know who she is, but she is some talented. That piece hits a lot of hot hot spots for me.

Finally, a big shout-out of familial agony to my sister in Hellenic misery--you know who you are. Remember, you and I have the same strength, the same fortitude, the same sheer, ball-bewilderingly stupid stubbornness that drove them up the mountain and drives us so insane when they do the nutty things they do. So, such nutterhood is in our future as well. It is our legacy.

Encouraging, ain't it?

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Well, considering I spent painful hours writing about my own writing for my recent Fannish Year in Review, I felt it was only due justice to make the writers of some of my fave stories of last year squirm in equal embarrassment.

I'll start with dS. I don't have time to read that much (the problem with reading is you can't write at the same time. And right now Fraser is three-kinds-of-pining in my current; I think he's losing weight and everything.) So, it's funny that, even if a story is making me secretly flip the bird at my computer screen (usually the result of some character bias that makes one of the guys look like a complete asshole/wussy), I still almost always will continue reading until the bitter end, resulting in torment of the kind that makes me wish for a bright red bumpersticker: BAD FICTION HURTS.

But good fiction hurts much, much better. And in that spirit, I give you ten creations that definitely rocked my socks last year, and why. There were tons more that did--because jesus we have an excellent, prolific fandom--so this list is defiantly random (me poking through bookmarks.)

With no further ado: 10 dS Stories/Vids of 2007 That Made Arrow Make a Wee )

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