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A message from the OTW:
GeoCities, a web hosting site founded in the mid-1990s which gave free
home pages to its users, will close its doors sometime in 2009 and take
down all its sites. Many fans used the site; therefore fandom will be
losing a lot of its early archives and resources sites when GeoCities

If you are the owner of a fanfiction archive or resource, meta or other
fannish page on GeoCities and you do not have another hosting
alternative, we can help! Open Doors is teaming up with the Archive of
Our Own and Fanlore to preserve as much material as possible.

For more info and links and how to get help moving/archiving your
Geocities pages, please go here:

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Since I've posted a couple of stories lately, folks have been emailing me saying, hey, where the heck have you been? Well, a while back I volunteered for the Systems Committee at the OTW, where I've been spending my free time typing in the name of fandom. :)

And now the OTW is having a membership drive. If you aren't aware of the Organization for Transformative Works, it's a bunch of excellent fans doing excellent things in the name of fandom. For example, the Open Doors project, which is all about getting historical fan works treated with respect, *preserved* and archived, both in the OTW's own online archive (only with permission, of course) or as physical artifacts (zines and art.) We want to preserve our history and highlight its social importance: fanfiction and fanart as a legitimate genre and movement.

Other projects include getting good publicity out into the larger media (to counteract negative publicity), providing legal defense for fans who need it, striving to make changes to copyright laws to legitimize fanworks as fair use, and Fanlore, a fandom wiki devoted to preserving the history of transformative fanworks and the fandoms from which they have arisen.

Membership is $10. OTW is an absolute believer in fan privacy and takes careful steps to preserve the anonymity of its members. Please consider joining up and adding your voice to the preservation of fandom's history and works and the furthering of fandom:

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well, holy sheet. Christmas has been very, very good to me.

my short story, Fucking With Sandburg, has just won a Light My Fire Award in the Day In The Life category (Loft Stories Award).

My story Complicated won for the Clue Bus (First Time) category.

And apparently I've been voted first place in the LMFA category: Slash—New Author.


Thanks, my Sen-fan friends. I've been using the LFMAs from previous years to find great TS stories to read. It's kinda overwhelming to think people will be finding me there amongst the writers I admire.

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"Honey? Honey, there's a Wookie in the kitchen."

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