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The Sentinel's 852 Prospect Archive move to AO3 is gearing up! Here's more about it. If you are a writer and have already imported your stories to AO3, do what I did and edit your stories to add them to the 852 Prospect Collection so that you won't get duped on import (and so that the old archive links will now redirect to your existing AO3 stories). It's easy peasy.

If you haven't yet imported, don't worry, you will get an email to your address on the old archive and the imports will happen automatically and you can decide stuff then. If that address is defunct, there are instructions in the above link.

I am so psyched about this. alice_ttlg has labored many years over 852 and deserves the break she's been asking for.
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Fair warning on Friday we will be taking down the servers for a RAM upgrade at 8am Pacific. details here.

bwee! cross your fingers that your Systems Monkeys will have a smooth transition.
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\o/ boosting the signal that The 852 Prospect Sentinel Archive is moving in with AO3 as an Integrated Collection. I specifically joined Open Doors so I could help out with the move because I have spent so very many enjoyable hours on 852 and felt like it was time to give a little back.

I'm going to be a little busy come beginning of June. :)))

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hey kids: because of the April Shower's Challenge, I have finally, *finally* gotten off my ass and uploaded all my dS and Sentinel stories to AO3. FINALLY. Considering I've been volunteering for the OTW for 3 years and helping to administer the damned servers (which we own, tyvm, so they will never, ever be taking down by TOS bullshit) it's very lame of me to have taken so long.

So here's the news:

I'm at faviconarrow! You will also find my SGA and H50 stuff there as I mainly write under faviconesteefee these days, so I bit the bullet and imported all of those as well, and my Starsky & Hutch stuff is now finally up too under my molo pseud. (I suffer from multiple-writer-personality disorder.)

GOD, I never realized how very *much* I have made with the blah-blah-blah over these past six years.

Thanks for reading. Hope I can keep on writing.

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A message from the OTW:
GeoCities, a web hosting site founded in the mid-1990s which gave free
home pages to its users, will close its doors sometime in 2009 and take
down all its sites. Many fans used the site; therefore fandom will be
losing a lot of its early archives and resources sites when GeoCities

If you are the owner of a fanfiction archive or resource, meta or other
fannish page on GeoCities and you do not have another hosting
alternative, we can help! Open Doors is teaming up with the Archive of
Our Own and Fanlore to preserve as much material as possible.

For more info and links and how to get help moving/archiving your
Geocities pages, please go here:

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