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The Pros and Cons of Evil CKW
The Pros and Cons of Evil CKR


So I'm watching Tin Man, the SciFi Channel mini-series based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, and all of a sudden CKR appears, clad entirely in black leather and looking gorgeous enough to make my panties fall off.

Pro: CKR! Looking fucking gorgeous
Con: CKR being VERY MEAN (I think he kicks bunnies. I dunno, I haven't finished the first episode yet, but already he's smacking a little kid around. But then, it could be a very evil child, or perhaps a nasty munchkin in disguise, who knows?)
Pro: Did I mention he's clad entirely in black leather? Well, it's worth mentioning again.
Con: Not enough screen time.
Pro: Comes equipped with his very own leather whip accessory.
Con: Is in league with the FLYING MONKEYS! Oh, how I fear them.
Pro: CKR with a soul patch. Hummina. I mean.

Anyway, I made some picspam and couldn't stop snapping because he just is beautiful in every single fucking frame.

The evil, black leather-wearing, monkey-loving bastard.

ETA: added a spoiler warning. sorry about that folks, it should've occurred to me sooner.

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Ray, I think, would have been useful on my trip home--it took me almost an hour to get my (single) bag checked and through airport security. I wanted to kick them in the head.

I do have a certain swarthy look about me, of course. They should fear me.

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SO, uh. Because there are artists who might need such things as photo references if, say, they are writing Fraser-as-Rent!Boy AUs or making drawings and such, I offer picspam from Whale Music and Men With Brooms.

He's concentrating so hard his biceps are bulging...

View the whole set (Really not work safe.)
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Okay, I just rewatched "The Witness" and the scene with Fraser trying to steal milkduds...Aiii! It is unbearable, the adorkableness! And RayV who had an altercation with the floor (interlocking linoleum) and still refuses to apologize to the judge ("Not my style.")

And then, of course, Fraser, of all people, goes undercover in prison. Whistling "Swing Low Sweet Chariot," no less. For some reason the words "fresh meat" come to mind.

Anyway, that isn't why I'm posting; rather, I took some screencaps the other day and wanted to share 'em. I was hunting down Fraser's suprasternal notch (he really doesn't expose it very often) and got carried away:

  • The brown uniform and blue peacoat

  • More pretties, plus geekly Ray wearing glasses

    I'm desperate to find more pics with Ray in his various glasses, so if you think of more eps where he's wearing them, please comment!

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    It's all [ profile] vsee's fault that I spent the evening taking screenshots
    from One Good Man.

    Her wonderful posting about domestic!Fraser (and the shaving!)
    drove me to it.

    Inhuman eyelashes

    Inhuman eyelashes

    View: Page 1 ~~ Page 2

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    Because some days you just can't stand the pretty.

    "Kiss me, Ray."
    kiss me, Ray

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    Haha Fraser can't help himself.

    [from "Mojo Rising"]

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