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AshesandGhost did a terrific job podding A Good Day. Such a hilarious tone. She makes the story much funnier than written.
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[ profile] desireearmfeldt strikes again most excellently with a podfic of my due South story The Migratory Path of the North American Whooping Crane with her terrific Fraser-voice and Ray snap. Thanks, DA!
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oh! this is delightful: [ profile] desireearmfeldt has podficced Five Things Fraser Does Not Say. She has the most Fraser-ish intonation, just awesome.

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bwee! kalakirya has podficced an excellent reading of the Scholarly Works Series, in which Jim and Blair have at each other in publication. The covers are so cute, and her academic tone is so arch and hilarious. \o/
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omg you guys: I just discovered a totally awesome podfic reading of Anticipation done in December by kalakirya. Her Dief-voice is so adorbs, I can't even.

Thank you, kalakirya!
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hooray! [ profile] laurie_ky has made Somewhere to Be available as the most lovely podfic. It's up on amplificathon for your enjoyment. Originally an offering for the Moonridge Auction.

Thank you, Laurie!
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ho-yay! [ profile] laurie_ky with endless patience (and an awesome, husky contralto and the perfect, wise-ass, cynical Jimbo accent) has recorded a podfic version of my Sentinel AU Somewhere to Be, in which Jim is a burned-out vet working in a soup kitchen and Blair shows up to work on his thesis on the internal organization and subsistence strategies of the homeless. Blair gets curious. Jim gets cranky.

Laurie did an amazing, amazing job, and the podfic is now available as a Moonridge Charity Auction offering for $10 to anyone who wishes a copy. You can learn more details by clicking on her cover:

Cover art includes images from homeless shelter and Jim lying on couch with Blair crouched beside him.

Podfic will be generally available after the next [ profile] amplificathon.

[x-posted to [ profile] esteefee.]

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and one of my favorite stories, too: Pacta Sunt Servanda has been podded by [ profile] luzula for [ profile] andeincascade. God, I adore luz's voice, and her comic timing is awesome. The way she says 'puffins' will make you cream.

Find it here. She has it streaming, too, so you can hear it right away!

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Oh, [ profile] 2corbies is sneakier than I realized, because she recorded probably my favorite F/K story of mine and then didn't tell me it was ready, perhaps in an effort to build my anticipation.

You got me, kiddo.

So, in case there's anyone else who missed it, One Small Thing is now available in podfic format for your listening pleasure by one of my favorite Fraser-voice readers.


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the sneaky 2corbies has done it again:

All of Us Drown, f/k, and the only reason I know about it is thanks to the pingback bot. :)

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oh, awesome. but sneaky. [ profile] 2corbies asked me a while back if I would mind if she did a podfic of The Question of Ghosts and I said, of course I don't mind, any and all of my stories are open for podreading or remixing or what have you.

Then she went and did it in the most fantastic manner possible. Really, she is an outstanding reader, and I don't know if she channels him or what, but I want her to read all my Fraser POV stories. I will chain her to a table or something. Comment on her reading, please, so she will do more. This is her first.

However, she didn't actually tell me she'd done it, so points off there, because it was posted weeks ago I think and I just only heard about it from [ profile] suzumenoko!

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Hey guys: I recorded Nos' Wind from the South
because I adore it beyond all measure. There is so much
freakin' emotion in this story, tightly packed down deep
beneath a layer of desolation so profound it's like an
avalanche. All drawn masterfully by Nos with her smooth
and stark words. It is to weep.

Title: Wind from the South
Author: [ profile] nos4a2no9
Fandom: dS
Pairing: Fraser/RayK, Fraser/OFC
Raging: PG-13
Author's website:
Story text: Wind from the South
Podfic version: [right mouse-click and save as] (32 MB | mp3 | 32:46)
(Now mirrored here by General Jinjur.)
Notes: Thanks to Nos for helping me with foreign language pronunciations.

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For the [ profile] ds_flashfiction lube challenge.

Title: More Than Good
Author: [ profile] arrow00
Fandom: dS
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, challenge
Wordcount: 4,607
Summary: Er, there's lube. Lots and lots. It's blue, if that helps.
Notes: I would like to thank [ profile] ds_flashfiction for this excuse
to write a story so wholly untainted by the ravages of good taste.

Link: More Than Good

Now in podfic format by [ profile] vsee!

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Eee! [ profile] nos4a2no9 has gone and done recorded Edge of Snow as a fantastic podfic.

Her voice is perfect for reading Fraser 1st person, and for that I am so grateful, because Fraser is a tough nut to crack and it's not an easy story. Be sure to visit her LJ and give her fb because we just don't have enough people willing to record podfics. It's a long and difficult labor.

On another topic, I got an email from a writer friend of mine asking me how I got the idea to have Fraser make a pillow fort and what is it with making POV and themes work and stuff, which got me to thinking about writing, so I am offering some notes on my writing process, not that I really have a formal one or even know what the heck I'm doing.

But I'm hoping some kind writer will read it and tell me how she does it. Please to spread the meme?

Writing Blather Meme )

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[ profile] zabira has graciously recorded a lovely podfic of my story, The Cold Equations for any of you who do the listening thing. Good for running on the treadmill. :)

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Title: The Cold Equations
Author: [ profile] arrow00
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: R (blink and you miss the sex)
Wordcount: 2,858
Warnings: functions!
Categories: ER (sorta), Ray H/C
Summary: Ray tries to do the math.
Notes: Yes, I know I'm writing too much.
Been watching eps and avoiding spring cleaning.

UPDATE: Now Podficced by [ profile] zabira!

The Cold Equations )

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