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hey kids: because of the April Shower's Challenge, I have finally, *finally* gotten off my ass and uploaded all my dS and Sentinel stories to AO3. FINALLY. Considering I've been volunteering for the OTW for 3 years and helping to administer the damned servers (which we own, tyvm, so they will never, ever be taking down by TOS bullshit) it's very lame of me to have taken so long.

So here's the news:

I'm at faviconarrow! You will also find my SGA and H50 stuff there as I mainly write under faviconesteefee these days, so I bit the bullet and imported all of those as well, and my Starsky & Hutch stuff is now finally up too under my molo pseud. (I suffer from multiple-writer-personality disorder.)

GOD, I never realized how very *much* I have made with the blah-blah-blah over these past six years.

Thanks for reading. Hope I can keep on writing.

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So, I'm watching the fresh new episode of Numb3rs (a happy end to the writers' strike, yay!) and it occurs to me that the foley editors have changed the way it sounds when people get shot.

It used to be bang oof down goes the baddie. Now it's bang whomp-SPLAT. You can literally hear what the foley is portraying as a bullet's impact with a person's body. This muffled whump and a trailing goosh.

Creepy. onward... )

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