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(...this one, at least.)

Okay, we'll put Ray on his back on the kitchen table, hee--oops, knocked over the butter dish--okay, that's working...yeah, make him squirm, Fraser...hello, lube? oh, BUTTER DISH heheh...jeez, uhmmmmm Ray is...that's beautif-- [goes to her bunk. returns] --perfect, now Vecchio catches them, has Fraser--no, wait, his lower back can't handle (save it for Blair)--okay, that's better, nice and soft, oooh, three-way kisses--no, how many hands is that? heh, 'sextopus'--now Ray makes, maybe the other one...better...haha Ray is so funny even when he's--jesus Fraser's ass is, he can't see his own ass, stupid...ohh, Vecchio is really giving it to him, eee! Fraser whimpering [goes back to bunk. returns] yay happy snuggles kisses--spanking? go Vecchio! you show Ray who's--

--damn it, the wolf!! Where the fuck did I leave the wolf?

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You ever have one of those writing moments when you reach the point in the story and all of a sudden you're on a high-wire and the ground is like a gazillion feet below you and your stomach is all heavy because you just know you're gonna slip and fall and splash your intestines all over the sawdust?

And the crowd will go: "Ewwwww."

There oughta be a mood icon for that.

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I am having the wackiest, transcendental writing experience right now, so I just had to take a breather or get bursted into flames or my fingers might break off or something. I swear to God writing can be such the sweet, sweet crack sometimes, so good I'd rather do it than do my boyfriend (sick, I know. sick.)

And then sometimes it can suck ass like a Hoover mega ultra-vac. One of those big, green ones with the spinning hurricane in the middle so you can see the suckage in action.

But, right now? The crack pipe. Why did I get this? Four years ago I had no idea I could even do this—what was I smoking then?

How come I was thirty-six fucking years old before I figured out I can do this THING, this amazingly big THING that changes everything in the world of my head?

And the most beautiful part? Even when it sucks, it's good. And unless I am horribly mutilated in a freak bowling accident, no one can ever take this away from me. Well, the muse can go away, it's true. The desire to write can just phwooot! like the wind. But it has always come back so far, and I'm starting to trust it always will.

Anyway, all of the above is by way of apology that I haven't had a chance to respond to all the lovely comments I got on Oblivious (you people are just so goddamned generous I wanta bust into tears or something) and I am truly sorry and will do so tomorrow, but right now I'm wacky on the pipe.


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Eee! [ profile] nos4a2no9 has gone and done recorded Edge of Snow as a fantastic podfic.

Her voice is perfect for reading Fraser 1st person, and for that I am so grateful, because Fraser is a tough nut to crack and it's not an easy story. Be sure to visit her LJ and give her fb because we just don't have enough people willing to record podfics. It's a long and difficult labor.

On another topic, I got an email from a writer friend of mine asking me how I got the idea to have Fraser make a pillow fort and what is it with making POV and themes work and stuff, which got me to thinking about writing, so I am offering some notes on my writing process, not that I really have a formal one or even know what the heck I'm doing.

But I'm hoping some kind writer will read it and tell me how she does it. Please to spread the meme?

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