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The mountie, the sentinel, the anthropologist, two cops, and a wolf have all abscondated for the northern territories of, where you can join up with us at your leisure.

hope to see you on DW!
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AshesandGhost did a terrific job podding A Good Day. Such a hilarious tone. She makes the story much funnier than written.
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[ profile] desireearmfeldt strikes again most excellently with a podfic of my due South story The Migratory Path of the North American Whooping Crane with her terrific Fraser-voice and Ray snap. Thanks, DA!
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oh! this is delightful: [ profile] desireearmfeldt has podficced Five Things Fraser Does Not Say. She has the most Fraser-ish intonation, just awesome.

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Title: A Good Day
Pairing: Fraser/RayK
Rating: R
Categories: First Time, Humor
Words: 4,117
Beta: [ profile] mischief5
Warnings: none
Summary: Ray is having a really good day.
A/N: Moonridge Auction (2012!) story for [ profile] linnet_melody. Thank you for your generous support and patience, dear one. <3 You are wonderful.

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Title: Big Softie
Author: arrow
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Categories: First Time, Fluff (literally)
Rating: PG
Words: 2,032
Warning: KITTENS!
Summary: Jim has been an Army Ranger, a street cop, and is one of Cascade's toughest detectives.
So when the hell did he turn into this guy?
A/N: For [ profile] magician113 for all her hard work on the 852 Prospect Archive!

At [ profile] sentinel_thurs: Big Softie | on AO3.

Now with translation into 中文: 铁血柔情/Big Softie by bicyclelala

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bwee! kalakirya has podficced an excellent reading of the Scholarly Works Series, in which Jim and Blair have at each other in publication. The covers are so cute, and her academic tone is so arch and hilarious. \o/
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omg you guys: I just discovered a totally awesome podfic reading of Anticipation done in December by kalakirya. Her Dief-voice is so adorbs, I can't even.

Thank you, kalakirya!
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hooray! [ profile] laurie_ky has made Somewhere to Be available as the most lovely podfic. It's up on amplificathon for your enjoyment. Originally an offering for the Moonridge Auction.

Thank you, Laurie!
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The Sentinel's 852 Prospect Archive move to AO3 is gearing up! Here's more about it. If you are a writer and have already imported your stories to AO3, do what I did and edit your stories to add them to the 852 Prospect Collection so that you won't get duped on import (and so that the old archive links will now redirect to your existing AO3 stories). It's easy peasy.

If you haven't yet imported, don't worry, you will get an email to your address on the old archive and the imports will happen automatically and you can decide stuff then. If that address is defunct, there are instructions in the above link.

I am so psyched about this. alice_ttlg has labored many years over 852 and deserves the break she's been asking for.
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Fair warning on Friday we will be taking down the servers for a RAM upgrade at 8am Pacific. details here.

bwee! cross your fingers that your Systems Monkeys will have a smooth transition.
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ho-yay! [ profile] laurie_ky with endless patience (and an awesome, husky contralto and the perfect, wise-ass, cynical Jimbo accent) has recorded a podfic version of my Sentinel AU Somewhere to Be, in which Jim is a burned-out vet working in a soup kitchen and Blair shows up to work on his thesis on the internal organization and subsistence strategies of the homeless. Blair gets curious. Jim gets cranky.

Laurie did an amazing, amazing job, and the podfic is now available as a Moonridge Charity Auction offering for $10 to anyone who wishes a copy. You can learn more details by clicking on her cover:

Cover art includes images from homeless shelter and Jim lying on couch with Blair crouched beside him.

Podfic will be generally available after the next [ profile] amplificathon.

[x-posted to [ profile] esteefee.]

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Title: Subverting the Paradigm
Author: [ profile] arrow00
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Categories: First Time
Rating: R
Words: 1,303
Summary: Blair lectures; Jim is half-naked. Shenanigans ensue.

at [ profile] sentinel_thurs : Subverting the Paradigm | on AO3.

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\o/ boosting the signal that The 852 Prospect Sentinel Archive is moving in with AO3 as an Integrated Collection. I specifically joined Open Doors so I could help out with the move because I have spent so very many enjoyable hours on 852 and felt like it was time to give a little back.

I'm going to be a little busy come beginning of June. :)))

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well, I swore I would never auction myself off again, but Moonridge needs donations, and I love Moonridge, so here goes nothing. erp.

$25 or more will win you a story of your choice in SGA, Sentinel, due South or H50. Or heck I'll try to crossover for you.

I don't write death or non-con. I will try to write the pairing of your choice! I'll commit to four (4) of these puppies before I pull the plug (not that I anticipate that much action.)

Crossposting to [ profile] esteefee. let the games begin!

ETA: WELL HELL YOU PEOPLE ARE QUICK. I am closing this down for now. Let me write these four first, and then we'll see what happens. :)))) So far we have:

1: McShep for [ profile] squidgiepdx
1: Fraser/RayK for [ profile] linnet_melody
1: Sentinel/H50 for [ profile] ms_artisan
1: H50 for [ profile] kristen999

Thank you all for your generosity!!
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and one of my favorite stories, too: Pacta Sunt Servanda has been podded by [ profile] luzula for [ profile] andeincascade. God, I adore luz's voice, and her comic timing is awesome. The way she says 'puffins' will make you cream.

Find it here. She has it streaming, too, so you can hear it right away!

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Title: Trash Talk
Author: [ profile] arrow00
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: G
Category: pre-slash, post-series
Wordcount: 651
Summary: Boys will be boys. For "talk" challenge on sentinel_thurs.

on [ profile] sentinel_thurs: Trash Talk.

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hey kids: because of the April Shower's Challenge, I have finally, *finally* gotten off my ass and uploaded all my dS and Sentinel stories to AO3. FINALLY. Considering I've been volunteering for the OTW for 3 years and helping to administer the damned servers (which we own, tyvm, so they will never, ever be taking down by TOS bullshit) it's very lame of me to have taken so long.

So here's the news:

I'm at faviconarrow! You will also find my SGA and H50 stuff there as I mainly write under faviconesteefee these days, so I bit the bullet and imported all of those as well, and my Starsky & Hutch stuff is now finally up too under my molo pseud. (I suffer from multiple-writer-personality disorder.)

GOD, I never realized how very *much* I have made with the blah-blah-blah over these past six years.

Thanks for reading. Hope I can keep on writing.

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Title: Safeguarded
Author: [ profile] arrow00
Fandom: TS
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Rating: NC-17
Category: FT, post-series
Wordcount: 4,669
Summary: On ethics. And recovery.
Notes: Also on AO3.

Safeguarded )

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Oh, [ profile] 2corbies is sneakier than I realized, because she recorded probably my favorite F/K story of mine and then didn't tell me it was ready, perhaps in an effort to build my anticipation.

You got me, kiddo.

So, in case there's anyone else who missed it, One Small Thing is now available in podfic format for your listening pleasure by one of my favorite Fraser-voice readers.


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