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Since I've posted a couple of stories lately, folks have been emailing me saying, hey, where the heck have you been? Well, a while back I volunteered for the Systems Committee at the OTW, where I've been spending my free time typing in the name of fandom. :)

And now the OTW is having a membership drive. If you aren't aware of the Organization for Transformative Works, it's a bunch of excellent fans doing excellent things in the name of fandom. For example, the Open Doors project, which is all about getting historical fan works treated with respect, *preserved* and archived, both in the OTW's own online archive (only with permission, of course) or as physical artifacts (zines and art.) We want to preserve our history and highlight its social importance: fanfiction and fanart as a legitimate genre and movement.

Other projects include getting good publicity out into the larger media (to counteract negative publicity), providing legal defense for fans who need it, striving to make changes to copyright laws to legitimize fanworks as fair use, and Fanlore, a fandom wiki devoted to preserving the history of transformative fanworks and the fandoms from which they have arisen.

Membership is $10. OTW is an absolute believer in fan privacy and takes careful steps to preserve the anonymity of its members. Please consider joining up and adding your voice to the preservation of fandom's history and works and the furthering of fandom:

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well, holy sheet. Christmas has been very, very good to me.

my short story, Fucking With Sandburg, has just won a Light My Fire Award in the Day In The Life category (Loft Stories Award).

My story Complicated won for the Clue Bus (First Time) category.

And apparently I've been voted first place in the LMFA category: Slash—New Author.


Thanks, my Sen-fan friends. I've been using the LFMAs from previous years to find great TS stories to read. It's kinda overwhelming to think people will be finding me there amongst the writers I admire.

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2008 was a pretty good year for me, writing-wise. Not as prolific as some previous, perhaps, but I had an album to release and have rediscovered my love of ceramics.

This is because Nos wants us to.

Year End Meme + links to all this year's stories )

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(...this one, at least.)

Okay, we'll put Ray on his back on the kitchen table, hee--oops, knocked over the butter dish--okay, that's working...yeah, make him squirm, Fraser...hello, lube? oh, BUTTER DISH heheh...jeez, uhmmmmm Ray is...that's beautif-- [goes to her bunk. returns] --perfect, now Vecchio catches them, has Fraser--no, wait, his lower back can't handle (save it for Blair)--okay, that's better, nice and soft, oooh, three-way kisses--no, how many hands is that? heh, 'sextopus'--now Ray makes, maybe the other one...better...haha Ray is so funny even when he's--jesus Fraser's ass is, he can't see his own ass, stupid...ohh, Vecchio is really giving it to him, eee! Fraser whimpering [goes back to bunk. returns] yay happy snuggles kisses--spanking? go Vecchio! you show Ray who's--

--damn it, the wolf!! Where the fuck did I leave the wolf?

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So, this is all (once again) [ profile] cesperanza's fault. It all started with a posting she made in which...well, I'll let you read it for yourself if you're interested, but what came to me while reading it was we need better archiving. Not that existing archives aren't beautiful and whatnot, but there is no tie in with LJ, and the LJ community is thriving, and many people (such as me) are posting directly to LJ and not bothering to archive (for a variety of reasons.)

The problem with the LJ community is: stuff gets lost. I discovered that myself when digging up stories for my reclist. There are just too many wonderful gems disappearing into the mists of time. The folks at places like [ profile] ds_weekly and others do a fantastic job of keeping us in touch with each other on a weekly basis, but they aren't searchable...and there is just no guarantee that LJ won't disappear like the wind in a desert.

The Proposed Solution )

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Well, considering I spent painful hours writing about my own writing for my recent Fannish Year in Review, I felt it was only due justice to make the writers of some of my fave stories of last year squirm in equal embarrassment.

I'll start with dS. I don't have time to read that much (the problem with reading is you can't write at the same time. And right now Fraser is three-kinds-of-pining in my current; I think he's losing weight and everything.) So, it's funny that, even if a story is making me secretly flip the bird at my computer screen (usually the result of some character bias that makes one of the guys look like a complete asshole/wussy), I still almost always will continue reading until the bitter end, resulting in torment of the kind that makes me wish for a bright red bumpersticker: BAD FICTION HURTS.

But good fiction hurts much, much better. And in that spirit, I give you ten creations that definitely rocked my socks last year, and why. There were tons more that did--because jesus we have an excellent, prolific fandom--so this list is defiantly random (me poking through bookmarks.)

With no further ado: 10 dS Stories/Vids of 2007 That Made Arrow Make a Wee )

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[ profile] nos4a2no9 said I should do this, and I am but her willing slave.
The timing seems appropriate since I'm nearing my one year anniversary
in due South Fandom. I came to dS on January 19th, and discovered The Sentinel
in May (it was all [ profile] cesperanza's fault.)

2007 Fannish Year in Review

Wherein I link to everything I've written this past year and then yammer about it.
(Not for the faint of heart.)

due South   -   The Sentinel   -   FYIR Meme

due South in Review )

The Sentinel in Review )

The FYIR Meme Questions )

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I've been on an h/c reading kick since my illness, and it got me to thinking of the many different types of h/c, and how my particular situation would *not* have made a good h/c plot (oh, alas.)

This led to the following categorizations. Please feel free to add your own, hopefully with Sentinel or dS examples:

  • Stubbed-toe h/c — When a character suffers an injury or illness that is completely common to everyday man and woman, yet the author has chosen to explore the character recovering from a head-cold, for example. (Warning: This type of story can and may involve some Unnecessary Bathing.) more... )

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